Image ID: 1648 New Build Project, Greenways in Ovingdean is Taking Shape Fast

With the spells of good weather that have shown their faces recently, a good deal of progress has been made with the new build project at Greenways in Ovingdean, Sussex.

We hope that you have been watching the progress of this build from earlier in the year, and enjoy watching, who knows? Perhaps your own new family home taking shape.

With the exterior walls reaching full height, we have been able to install the roof timbers and the building is now approaching water tight.

This means that the inner partition walls can be started, as you can see from the photographs, the studding frames for those are being built, and the ground floor window frames are ready to start going into position.

Services like plumbing and the electrical circuits, including the underfloor heating are all going in apace, so the homes should start to take shape very soon. That is when it gets really interesting, so we hope that you will take a look back soon to see the coming stages.

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