image shows: THS Homes Garage Conversion

Image shows: THS Homes Garage Conversion

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It is only in very few family homes now that the garage is actually used for storing the means of transport. Broken kayak paddles, discarded toys and outgrown bicycles now very often take up the former home of the family jalopy…

If your family is growing and any part of that sounds familiar, converting your garage can be a very quick and cost-effective way of getting the usable space you need without the cost and disruption of moving.

With the trend of many jobs being moved either part time or full time to the home, we are now finding that garage re-purposing is a very popular option to get away from the kitchen table and its associated seating, which with all the best will in the world, is never going to be as comfortable as a purpose built office for an 8 hour shift.

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