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20/01/2020: Time is of the essence! Plan now for successful extension building.

In any project, timing is the most important part of the plan to get right. This is particuarly true when considering an extension to the family home. Now we have a new year and are shivering in January conditions, it may be a good time to sit near a warm fire with a cup of something nice while we consider the various phases.

Being British of course, we have to consider the weather, especially if you are planning to live in your home while the extension is carried out. There is likely to be disruption to your heating system and hot water while the changes are made to heat your new extra space. That could rule out the earlier months of the year for the sake of family comfort.

Then of course, there is the exterior work to be factored in, which will undoubtedly require at least some good weather, so needs to be scheduled for the spring and summer ideally.

Once the structure is again watertight, interior finishing is less likely to suffer from bad weather, so can be programmed for more or less any time.

The key to all this lies in design and planning. The parts played by architects, then planning applications if necessary are often time consuming and there is not always a guarantee of permission being granted first time around. This is the time of year to be getting all those ducks in line and making sure that when the time comes for any given phase, everyone knows what they are doing and the right materials are going to be in the right place at the right time.

If you are thinking about an extension or renovation of the family home, now would be a great time to talk to our specialist team to discuss your objectives and the best way to achieve them in the time available. Give us a call on the number shown or click in the header of any page to send an email and get started on your master plan!

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10/09/2019: Christmas is just around the corner. Avoid kitchen stress!

September's here and the schools have gone back. From here it is headlong into… that's right, Christmas. Ready or not, it is on its way.

It's a time of year when home kitchens come under more pressure than any other, usually with many more hungry people to feed, possibly more courses and maybe just the odd elaborate dish or two?

How's your kitchen looking? Is the best use made of all the space? Do you have room to move even when preparing for big parties? If not, you may be in for a frustrating time at Christmas, which may even take the gloss off the cherry a little for you.

A chat with our design specialists could well unearth a host of ways that the ergonomy and pleasure of your kitchen could be enhanced. Best of all, there is still time for a makeover before Christmas, so you can make family and friends happy while remaining happy yourself.

Just give us a call or click in the header of any page to send us an email and get the ball rolling.

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28/08/2019: New Build Project, Greenways in Ovingdean is Taking Shape Fast

With decent spells of good weather this Spring/Summer, a good deal of progress has been made with the new build project at Greenways in Ovingdean, Sussex.

We hope that you have been watching the progress of this build from earlier in the year, and are enjoying watching. Who knows? Perhaps your own new family home is taking shape.

With the exterior walls reaching full height, we have been able to install the roof timbers and the building is now approaching being water tight.

This means that the inner partition walls can be started, as you can see from the photographs.

First fix plumbing and electrics including the underfloor heating are all going in at pace, so the homes should start to take shape very soon. That is when it gets really interesting, so we hope that you will take a look back soon to see the coming stages.

Of course, we don't just build new homes, so if you are considering an extension, conversion or renovation of your existing home in the South East of England, just give us a call to talk over making your property dreams come true, or click in the header of any page to send us an email.

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16/08/2019: Why use two machines when one will do two jobs?

Kitchen space saving has always been a very popular goal; the less space you use up with gadgets, the more space there is for the family, a very simple principle.

However, in the 1940s, Thor may have taken the idea one step too far with their combined washing machine and dishwasher. As attractive as saving the space of one appliance may be, the thought of eating off plates washed with your kids' football kit may bring on a rapid and enforced diet.

The environmental health officer would certainly turn a funny colour on finding such a device in a commercial kitchen.

Luckily, with advances in kitchen technology, such extreme measures are no longer necessary to get the best possible use from your space. When designing an extension, conversion, renovation or new build home, our expert design team have years of experience in making your kitchen work the way you want it to, with the maximum available space for your family. After all, the kitchen is the heart of any home, so it needs to be perfectly tailored to your family.

To talk over the layout of your home and any changes you want to make, simply call us on the numer shown or click in the header of any page to send an email.

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30/05/2019: Greenways at Ovingdean, Sussex Rises Above Ground Level

With the latest phase seeing the completion of groundwork for this project, the floor pads are being laid and the buildings are starting to take shape above ground.

It is always an exciting stage of any building project, whether that be a new build like this one, or a conversion, renovation or extension, when the shape of the outline becomes evident.

Progress seems to speed up when a building reaches this stage too, so keep looking back regularly to make sure you miss nothing in the completion of what could be your next new home. These highly unusual properties are now available to buy off plan, so for more information, call Joey at Move Revolution, on 07703 838287, or click in the header of any page to send us an email.

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10/05/2019: Are you looking for a new home in the South East?

If you are and you want something special, with space for your family to enjoy, take a look at our For Sale section.

There are now three THS Homes sites with prestigious, beautifully built and finished homes that are out of the ordinary, comfortable and energy efficient.

Access the information using the For Sale link on any page of our web site for more information.

You may prefer to make more of the home you already have instead. We would be delighted to hear from you about your plans for extensions, conversions or renovations. Just call us on the number shown, or click in the header of any page to send us an email.

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02/05/2019: Effective design and choices can make life easier

Cleaning your home has come a long way over the years. I remember in the 1950s, at one particular pub, we had one particular cleaner with a penchent for wrapping the vacuum cleaner cord so tightly around its spigots that it often broke.

On one such occasion, the injured appliance was wheeled into my father's office with the words "The cable's broken again". Sighing, my father picked up a pair of scissors and cut through the cable. There was a blinding flash and a huge bang, scissors, vacuum cleaner and father all shot in different directions.

Yes, it would have been nice if the lady concerned had unplugged the appliance first. Even nicer, if any of the modern range of vacuum cleaners had been available then, the cable wouldn't have suffered any damage.

We are spoilt for choice now with cleaners that stand upright, or those that roll along on wheels, some with bags, without bags and all with more robust cable connection. You can even build one into the fabric of your house, needing only a hose to remove dust, which is then disposed of directly into the drain. You don't even have to empty the canister.

However you choose to keep your house clean, at THS Homes we believe that with effective design, effective heating and ventilation as well as careful choice of materials, even this task can be made easier. That is why even the smallest detail is taken into account when working with clients at the planning stage for their new home, extension or conversion. The less time you spend cleaning, the more time you can spend enjoying your home. Call us on the number shown or click in the header of any page to send us an email to let us know how we can make your home more beautiful and easier to manage.

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17/04/2019: Greenways, Ovingden is ready to buy off-plan

This development of two highly individual 1850ft2 homes is well under way. By visiting the gallery page in our site, you can follow the progress of your new house from plan to reality. This page will enable us to share every phase of a building project over the next 9 months to turn-key finish. As principle contractor 'THS Homes ltd' will supply its own, in-house, highly skilled tradesman and trusted team of sub-contractors to deliver the project to the highest standard and level of finish.

Look back from time to time to see what stage of the building process we've reached. The images shown here are a selection of those available to demonstrate the overall progress and key stages, with the full project portfolio being visible in our photo gallery.

Both of the 1850ft2, detached 4 x bedroom, 2 x bathroom houses are available to purchase off-plan, NOW! enabling the end user to adapt the specification to their individual tastes once exchange of contracts has taken place.

Please contact Joey 07703 838287 of Move Revolution for further details.

The earlier in the build process exchange of contracts takes place the greater the degree of flexibility on adapting specification. Any additional costs incurred in altering the specification will be charged to the purchaser.

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04/04/2019: Who can ever forget the Duchess potato peeler?

Another innovation to impact on commercial kitchen life when I was a pub kid back in the 60s was the Duchess Potato Peeler. Of course, being the modern caterers that my parents were, one was duly purchased.

The device comprised a plastic bowl at the bottom with an inner cup, covered in coarse abrasive. The latter was caused to rotate by water pressure introduced via a hose connected to the kitchen tap.

This action removed the potato peel, which was then convenently washed into a sink tidy. Progress could be monitored through a hole in the semi-opaque plastic lid.

With a flourish, my mother set the machine going with a number of large potatotes inside. With hundreds of potatoes to peel each day, this was surely going to be a boon. We trotted off to do something more interesting while this modern marvel did its work. Of course, trotting off etc., wasn't in the book of instructions, and when we returned, all that was left was what resembled a number of white peas spinning on their axes.

Things in kitchens have moved on a long way since the 1960s and the choice of apparatus available to make your domestic bliss even more blissful is immense. The one common thread that runs through every kitchen that we install in one of our extensions, conversions or new build homes, is that the kitchens all work the way the home owners want to work. Every item in the specification is chosen because it is the best for the way you want to use your kitchen, not just because it is the newest, most esoteric or most costly. If it contributes to your greater kitchen pleasure, it is in. Otherwise it can go and rotate on its own axis.

Give us a call or click in the header of any page to send an email and tell us how you want to work in harmony with your kitchen.

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09/03/2019: To move or not to move?

As families grow and expand, space in many homes begins to seem a little scarce. Teenagers' bedrooms are no longer just places to sleep. The bathroom queue seems never ending. Kitchens must adapt to changed eating patterns as timetables for work and study evolve.

Time to move? Maybe.

Perhaps it is time to talk to a specialist in extensions and conversions to gain the space that you need without going to all the trouble and expense of moving. There are many good reasons for staying put such as:

In many parts of the country, each additional room can add a hefty six-figure sum to the asking price. Then there are direct costs to physically moving your family and possessions, which can be substanAs families grow and expand, space in many homes begins to seem a little scarce. Teenagers' bedrooms are no longer just places to sleep. The bathroom queue seems never ending. Kitchens must adapt to changed eating patterns as timetables for work and study evolve.tial. In most cases, we find that the cost of even major changes can be much less than moving.

With sympathetically planned conversion, extension and renovation works, the disruption to your normal life can be much less than the heartache of packing, moving and unpacking again. As family people ourselves, we understand that life must go on even when undertaking a major home renovation. Our specialist team works with you to make sure that the schedule fits in with your way of life.

If you were to move, how many people would you have to inform. The list seems endless and can take up vast amounts of your valuable time. Extending your existing home saves a lot of paperwork.

All the reasons that you chose your existing home are still valid. You get to keep those, like the area, your neighbours, travel arrangements and the character of the building.

If your family is still at school, moving even a short distance can cross the boundaries of catchment areas, causing unwelcome disruption to the people you care for most.

THS Homes specialises in adding useful living space to existing properties with care for comfort, convenience, style and character. Extra rooms can be added, existing space can be re-purposed and converted, or a combination of both. This can make sure that your home works the way your family needs it to. Lofts, garages and even landings can be converted to useful living space. Adding en-suite facilities can relieve the pressure on bathrooms and modern, convenient kitchens can utilise space better to make sure that everyone gets fed when they need to be.

Our specialist team has a wealth of experience in making more useful space available. Call us or click in the header of any page to send an email for help at every stage from planning and design, dealing with matters of permissions, construction and final decoration. From changing a single room to major refurbishment of substantial properties, you can be confident that the result will exceed your expectations.

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04/03/2019: Your Home, Your Way

As a child, one of the biggest treats for me was to be allowed to use the Bonzer catering can opener in the kitchen of my parents' pub. It's funny how pub parents can always disguise work as a treat, isn't it?

Anyway, it always felt good from the satisfying 'thunk' as the cutting head pierced the can, through the smooth movement of the large handle to the final 'ting' when the lid was free.

Small things like that mean a lot, not only to a child, but feeling good about the things that we use in our everyday life makes a huge difference to our overall happiness.

That's why THS Homes believe that the most important step in any extension, conversion or renovation project is to listen to the people who are going to be living in the house and using the facilities, day in, day out.

By helping you make the right choices, then making a beautiful installation, THS Homes will deliver a new living space which is just the way you want it in terms of appearance, comfort and ergonomy.

If you are planning to make changes to your home in the south east of England, have a talk with our team of experts, who are there to help you personalise your home, your way. Simply click in the header of any page to send us an email.

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27/02/2019: Web site relaunch

Having been responsible for a large number of high-profile housing developments over the years, it seems a perception has grown up that this is all we do. To make sure that nobody is deterred from asking about smaller projects, our web site has been re-launched to bring back to the fore the work on extensions, conversions and renovations which has been, and will continue to be the mainstay of THS Homes' activities.

Take a look at the new site for examples of work carried out on a wide range of buildings from re-purposing a parades of shops to sensitive restoration and refurbishment of listed buildings from Tudor times.

Whether your plans include a major extension involving a footprint change to the building, or a simple re-purposing of another room, garage, loft or landing, your project will receive expert attention.

Extension or conversion of your existing home is most often more cost effective than moving and cuts down on the disruption to family life immeasurably.

All our work is carried out to the most modern standards of environmental friendliness, energy efficiency, comfort and style, in keeping with the character of the original building and the area. Call us, or click in the header of any page to send an email.

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