Intelligent Homes

When it comes to sustainability, THS Homes go the extra mile.

Many of the eco features throughout our developments go above and beyond normal planning requirements such as providing LED lighting and reduced flow plumbing for aerated tap water and dual flush WCs. These not only reduce energy costs but are also standard details in a new THS home.

Other eco features included in our new homes, where possible, are ground and air source heat pumps that use natural energy stored in the earth and air to generate power, and the installation of electric combi boilers that link to PV solar panels to capture the sun's energy and generate electriciity, thereby reducing the property's carbon footprint and cutting energy bills. For apartment living, this has the added benefit of greatly reducing private/communal energy costs compared to many other apartments in the local area.

Some developments feature a sedum roof to reduce surface run-off and attract wildlife. These green roofs provide important microclimates for insects, bird life and even other rare species.